V1.993.0 BUG!

Unfortunately, as part of the release pushed on Friday 2/22/2017 for the new Portrait view on the DIGITAL screen, we introduced a bug that scrambles the screen labels and values.


We have identified, tested and pushed the fix up to the App Store approval process as of Tuesday (2/21/2017).  This usually takes 24-48 hours for Apple to put it through the review and verification process.  Once it passes, it then automatically releases to the Apple App Store and the update will be available (and if you have it enabled on your iOS device(s), it will automatically update).

NOTE:  If you are in the Beta tester program, the exact same version was released to you via the BETA notification and we’ve heard from several of you (THANKS!) that the fix works.

UPDATE:   (2/24/2017 ~9:43 AM MST), Apple posted the FIXED version (1.993.1) to the App Store last night and it is rolling out as we speak (type?).  If it hasn’t already automagically updated your App, go to the App Store and force an update and that will fix it.

YOU DO NOT have to update the Gateway firmware … this is an iOS device fix ONLY!

Thanks to all!