V1.993.0 BUG!

Unfortunately, as part of the release pushed on Friday 2/22/2017 for the new Portrait view on the DIGITAL screen, we introduced a bug that scrambles the screen labels and values.


We have identified, tested and pushed the fix up to the App Store approval process as of Tuesday (2/21/2017).  This usually takes 24-48 hours for Apple to put it through the review and verification process.  Once it passes, it then automatically releases to the Apple App Store and the update will be available (and if you have it enabled on your iOS device(s), it will automatically update).

NOTE:  If you are in the Beta tester program, the exact same version was released to you via the BETA notification and we’ve heard from several of you (THANKS!) that the fix works.

UPDATE:   (2/24/2017 ~9:43 AM MST), Apple posted the FIXED version (1.993.1) to the App Store last night and it is rolling out as we speak (type?).  If it hasn’t already automagically updated your App, go to the App Store and force an update and that will fix it.

YOU DO NOT have to update the Gateway firmware … this is an iOS device fix ONLY!

Thanks to all!



V1.992.8 Published to App Store

Version 1.992.8 (current version 11/08/2016)


  • Changes to better support iOS 10 and new iOS devices being launched (which includes NEW GATEWAY FIRMWARE… PLEASE SEE BELOW!)
  • THIS UPDATE WILL REQUIRE FIRMWARE V1.71 or greater for the scaling features and ENHANCED DTCs detection to work!  V1.70 or later is required to connect to iOS 10 devices
    • iOS 9.3.5 and older devices will work fine with either the older V1.69-V1.70 or new V1.71 firmware
    • PLEASE SEE Updating the Gateway Firmware for tutorials on how to update your gateway to the latest firmware.
  • Capability to upload user defined backgrounds!  Just go to CONFIG > CHANGE COLORS AND BACKGROUND > BACKGROUND (CHANGE IMAGE) … this will bring up a “grid” of the preloaded backgrounds AND three user customizable slots for your own images (marked with a Camera Icon at the bottom of the grid).  You can load the images either from your PHOTOS or your CAMERA ROLL.
  • Extensive rework to support enhanced DTC detection to get more manufacturer specific DTCs (not just emissions related DTCs)
  • HUNDREDS of new DTC definitions added and/or updated
  • Additional DTC Clear functionality to clear any special module DTCs
  • Dynamic graphics for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


  • Fixed a problem where the AUDIBLE ALERTS always defaulted to ON.
  • Fixed the Commanded Eq/Ratio (which affects Commanded AFR) scaling on certain vehicles so it reads correctly
  • Fixed the MAP (which affects some GM boost readings) scaling on certain vehicles so it reads correctly
  • Fixed O2 sensor scaling for vehicles with > 2 cylinder banks
  • Fixed Anti-Jitter settings on some A/D screens (would always we be HIGH, despite user selection)
  • Fixed occasional bluetooth crash when retrieving LOTS of DTCs at one time.
  • Fixed occasional problems with audio when audible alerts are enabled
  • Clean up, optimizations and bug fixes for iOS10


  • Foundation for upcoming V2.0 replacement for the line charts (and new functionality for “heartbeat” chart in realtime data mode) was added
  • See the “CHEAT SHEET” for a quick refresher on DashBoss features



WE FOUND THE BUG … Apple made a pretty subtle change in the way the device acknowledges authentication and it was preventing it from completing successfully.  NEW FIRMWARE is available!  The new firmware is v1.70 and you will be able to update your device multiple ways from a MAC or PC as shown in the tutorials and the Downloads page.

Be sure to do a “Forget This Device” in your bluetooth settings the first time you go to connect your newly installed firmware.  Usually, it’s not critical, but some devices need the “fresh start” to sync up properly.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!

Cool article on the Ford 6.7 PowerStroke

I found the details in THIS ARTICLE to be really fascinating. A lot of really cool engineering went into the current generation PowerStrokes and it’s neat to see what a “clean sheet” design can do. Especially the reverse flow heads and the dual scroll turbo.

V1.992.4 is now available on the App Store!


This update is a minor release to address the following:

  • GM injector pulse width units corrected
  • GM Injector Duty Cycle ADDED (finally!)
  • Small correction to Ford 6.7 PSD EGR Temperature calculations
  • Small additions to some PID detail descriptions and help
  • Bug fixes and optimization

Blizzard of 2016!

Our engineering offices are in Fort Collins, Colorado and we had a heckuva Spring Blizzard March 23, 2016.  We had massive snowfall all up and down the Front Range from Colorado Springs all the way up into Wyoming dumping 12-24″ of wet heavy snow along with wind gusts up to 59 MPH!  This was on top of the freezing rain we had before the snow fall.

Denver International Airport was completely shut down due to the unsafe conditions to even GET to the airport, let alone fly.

As a result, power and internet service has been very spotty the last two days and we expect it may continue through the weekend.  In addition, USPS mail, UPS and FedEx service has been suspended or severely impacted by the weather.

We appreciate your patience as things get untangled and back to normal!


v1.992 submitted to Apple App Store for review

V1.992 has been submitted for review by Apple and includes some new parameters and fixes:

  1. Ford 6.7 Diesel EGR Temperatures – good for those reusing the probe after EGR delete mods and is a useful parameter in general
  2. Ford 6.7 Diesel Boost – calculation updated to be more accurate
  3. GM Injector Duty Cycle (IDC) added in TEST mode for feedback on accuracy and usage
  4. Various minor bug fixes and tweaks in preparation for iOS 9.3

It usually takes 2-3 business days for Apple to review, approve and release submitted version updates like this, so we expect it to go “live” on the App Store sometime next week.


WE’ve been BETA TESTING a couple of new things for the upcoming release this week (March 14, 2016):
– Corrected Boost for Ford 6.7L Diesel
– EGR Temperature for Ford 6.7L Diesel (which is helpful for EGR delete and other things)
– GM Injector Duty Cycle – ANY GM OWNERS … looking for you to run this and see if it makes sense?

We hope to release by the end of the week (or beginning of next week based on final testing).