Installation is very simple.   Find the OBDII port, plug in the Gateway and connect to it with your iPhone®/iPad®/iPad mini®/iPod touch®.*

We are enthusiasts that are passionate about anything with wheels and we bring that passion to DashBoss!

* As of the latest round of Apple hardware and iOS releases, minimum requirement is to run iOS 8.0 or higher


Performance Tests


  • 0-60 MPH
  • 0-100 kph


  • Eighth Mile Run
  • Quarter Mile Run


  • 60-0 MPH
  • 100-0 kph

Real-Time Data Display

Customizable Parameters

  • Double tap to pick parameters to display. Any Gauge can display any (supported) Parameter! Endless combinations possible!


  • Swipe left or right for screens of customizable gauges
  • Many ways to customize backgrounds, colors and appearance

Digital Display

  • See all your parameters at a glance in numeric form
  • Separately customizable from the gauges
  • Portrait OR Landscape view supported. Just rotate your device!

One touch Realtime Data Logging in Gauges, or Digital views

  • Easily capture data “on the go”
  • Review data logs on the iOS device
  • Natural finger gestures like pinch, zoom/stretch, touch and drag, to manipulate chart for detailed inspection
  • SHARE logs via email in a PLATFORM INDEPENDENT form! Recipient can view and manipulate on any compatible BROWSER (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, etc.!)

    • Interactive charts to help visualize trends and catch “spikes”
    • Pinch/Zoom and drag charts around to optimize viewing or zero in on areas
    • Turn ON/OFF parameter plots on charts to reduce clutter or to focus on inter-parameter relationships
    • View charts and interact with them in the DashBoss App OR export them to any compatible browser (Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, etc.)
    • Email full featured, interactive data charts to anybody! Your mechanic, a buddy, a forum guru … all can see and interact with your data without having to own the DashBoss App!
    • Advanced data export to CSV files is also supported for those how want to do custom data analysis using spreadsheets or 3rd Party Apps

Customizable Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

  • Any Parameter
  • Unlimited

Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

  • Review captured logs on the iOS device. Pinch, zoom, drag with your fingers!
  • Share logs via email to anyone with a browser! iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Google … all will work with a simple double click!
  • Read / Reset / Email


There are two ways to spend your time.  Which do you choose?

Cheap insurance for less than the price of a dealer oil change!*


By using the Customizable Parameters and picking vital drivetrain parameters, you can be sure that your vehicle isn’t crying for mercy while towing that heavy trailer!  Use the ALERTS feature to warn you at set points so you can back off or check on things BEFORE they leave you with a trail of broken parts or stranded miles from home.  Monitor critical vehicle health items such as:

Critical Health Items Dashboss Solution
Convenient monitoring of many critical powertrain components within easy reach
Dashboss provides you with up-to-the-second readings for any supported vehicle parameter with an easy to use “tap and swipe” interface on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later.  No holes to drill for gauges, no gauge pods or rows of gauges to block your dash, A-pillar or center console.
In gas towing vehicles, high intake temperatures, marginal gasoline quality and high coolant temperatures can lead to spark retard and eventually detonation and engine damage
Dashboss provides the ability to monitor spark retard for most towing vehicles, as well as total ignition advance, IAT (intake air temperature), coolant temperature, engine load, burst knock, and more.  In addition, in GM applications you can see which cylinder is knocking and much more!  ALERTS can keep an eye on it for you!
Drivetrain slip due to overloading, steep terrain, and other factors can lead to transmission failure and being stranded at the side of the road!
Dashboss provides drivetrain slip, efficiency, and many other advanced transmission parameters (depending on vehicle) to see this starting to occur before catastrophic failure leaves you stranded.
Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) can spike in heavy towing, causing turbo failure and worse in diesel applications.  Prevent these failures and save yourself in repairs and downtime!
Dashboss provides external EGT inputs (optional kit) or will read on-board EGTs if supported by the vehicle! No more guessing! ALERTS can be set up to alert at three separate levels (yellow, orange, red).  A proven EGT kit is available from our online store.
Transmission over temperature will lead to premature failure that can causes THOUSANDS in rebuilds and replacements
Dashboss ALERTS can be set up to alert at three separate levels (yellow, orange, red) to let you know well in advance of Transmission Temperature problems for many vehicles!
Engine Oil Pressure dropping and / or Engine Oil Temperature spikes can lead to catastrophic engine damage if not caught soon enough.
Dashboss provides monitoring of these critical parameters for many vehicles to allow you time to shut things down before damage occurs.
See fuel related problems before they ruin an expensive engine
Dashboss can monitor things like injector pulse width, injector status/diagnostics, fuel pump voltages, and the like (depending on vehicle) to help see trends and failure modes before things “go boom”!  For tuning gas vehicles with additional power adders (supercharger, turbo, cam/head, etc.) the ability to hook up an external wide band O2 controller (optional kit) is invaluable!
See critical maintenance or warning signs or to avoid a problem long before it is critical.
Dashboss provides monitoring of Make, Model, Year specific “watch points”, such as the Injector Controller Pressure (ICP) voltages, pressures, and status in the Ford PowerStroke diesels or Active Fuel Management (AFM) statuses in GM gas engines, or various soot filter/DPF/ReGen parameters for GM, Cummins/Dodge, and Ford DPF equipped vehicles.
When things do go wrong, find it yourself and avoid diagnostic fees and unnecessary repairs
Dashboss allows you to pull the Diagnostic Codes (DTCs) in ENGLISH (not just a number). Once you have the code, you can reset it to see if it reoccurs or reset it after the repair is performed. In addition, check your OBD monitor readiness standards for emissions testing and proper drive cycle preparation.
Monitor Fuel Economy related items
Dashboss allows you to monitor instant fuel economy (available only on gas vehicles at the present time) as well as things related to the manufacturer’s complex displacement on demand systems, such as Dodge’s Multiple Displacement System (MDS) and GM’s Active Fuel Management (AFM).  Monitor status, diagnostic states, distance traveled in V8 and V4 modes, and more!

See specific items that are included such as:

Parameter Support
Engine Oil Temperature supported for most domestic (Ford, GM, Dodge) platforms
Engine Oil Pressure supported for most domestic platforms
Coolant Temperature a good indicator of overall engine health and supported by almost all platforms universally
Transmission Oil Temperature supported for domestic platforms
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) many diesels have on-board EGTs now OR you can add EGT with our optional EGT kit for vehicles that do not have factory installed EGT sensors.  See our Shopping Site for more info …
Intake Air Temperature (IAT) universal and can often tell you about underhood conditions, restricted intakes/filters and other potentially damaging conditions
Drivetrain Slippage/Efficiency supported in one form or another for most domestic platforms and can tell you more about how the transmission is performing
Spark Retard (Gas)  a good indicator of poor gas quality, too much heat and/or load

* based on 12-15 quarts of 5W-40 synthetic diesel oil @ $10/qt, OEM oil filter @ $17 and labor @ $30