Real-Time Data Display

Every Gauge is customizable as to which parameter to show on which gauge/graph line …

See the DashBoss Cheat Sheet HERE …

With a simple double “tap” on the gauge/display you want, you can assign any vehicle parameter to any gauge in a few seconds!

    • Each gauge can be asssigned any parameter for your connected vehicle
    • Every parameter includes a detailed explanation of what the parameter is and how it is interpreted
    • The gauge will automatically scale and display your choice
    • The PREVIEW display in the “Parameter Picker” gives you a representative preview of what the gauge will look like BEFORE you commit
    • Each and every gauge can display the parameter in any units that are available for that parameter. You can mix and match units on various gauges to make sense for what YOU are doing! You can even display the same parameter on multiple gauges in multiple units!

Learn more from watching the video HERE …