DashBoss ™ Features

Hook up is very simple. Find the OBDII port, plug in the Gateway and connect to it with your iPhone®/iPad®/iPad mini®/iPod touch®.*

We are enthusiasts that are passionate about anything with wheels and we bring that passion to DashBoss!

* As of the latest round of Apple hardware and iOS releases, minimum requirement is to run iOS 8.0 or higher

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Standard Features

Performance Tests


  • 0-60 MPH / 0-100 kph


  • Eighth Mile Run
  • Quarter Mile Run


  • 60-0 MPH / 100-0 kph

Real-Time Data Display

Customizable Parameters

  • Double tap to pick parameters to display. Any Gauge can display any (supported) Parameter! Endless combinations possible!


  • Swipe left or right for screens of customizable gauges
  • Many ways to customize backgrounds, colors and appearance

Digital Display

  • See all your parameters at a glance in numeric form
  • Separately customizable from the gauges

Customizable Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

  • Any Parameter
  • Unlimited

Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

  • Read / Reset