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Service Form [CLICK HERE]

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We DO NOT currently directly sponsor any vehicles or organizations.  However, we occasionally will donate to a good cause, car oriented event, large club gathering in the form of free or discounted DashBoss products.  If you have a car club event, charity run, or similar type of activity where we can be well represented, we are interested in hearing your proposal.  In the case of, we offer a discount to orders placed from their organization.

It’s exciting to see young people interested in the automotive sector and willing to be involved.

To be successful in garnering a sponsorship, the following tips may help:

  1. DO NOT SEND A “WALL OF TEXT” EMAIL, often with misspellings, poor grammar, run on sentences and texting abbreviations sprinkled through out the text.
  2. Make sure you work up a good sponsorship “elevator pitch” … it’s basically a 30 second pitch as to why our product(s) and/or company would be well represented by you and your activities. (Like what you’d say if you were on an elevator ride and only got 30 seconds to catch our attention).  Some things to address … Do you know what we do as a company?  What are our products?  Did you spell/capitalize the product name(s) correctly?  Do you already own one or more of our product(s)? Why are our product(s) germane to what you are proposing?  How will you represent the products/company?  What type of exposure?  What type(s) of people will be reached by your demonstrating the product(s)?
  3. Make sure your pitch is well written, has proper English, grammar and punctuation (your friends, teachers, college profs and/or TAs should be able to help you with proof reading and material).  Be direct and action oriented … i.e. “I will write a product review of your (name of product) on my car club’s Facebook page which has xxx followers and yyy hits per day” vs. “im in da club and will rep for you” [actual request!]
  4. Make sure your pitch has SPECIFIC points that spell out what YOU will provide that is valuable to the sponsor AND what the sponsor needs to provide you (i.e. money, product(s), stickers, whatever).  Be sure to spell out exactly what you will DO with the sponsor’s provided resources and how that will leverage a “win-win” for both the sponsor and yourself.
  5. Assuming your pitch gathers the right “eyes” at the potential sponsor, be prepared to follow up with a sponsorship packet or proposal.  Be sure the packet gives a brief bio, where you are going to school (if applicable), where you race/show/exhibit, the types of people you will be interacting with and how all this ties into the concept of leveraging these attributes to be a good representative for the sponsor/company.

A good example of the general technique is here: