V1.992.8 Published to App Store

Version 1.992.8 (current version 11/08/2016)


  • Changes to better support iOS 10 and new iOS devices being launched (which includes NEW GATEWAY FIRMWARE… PLEASE SEE BELOW!)
  • THIS UPDATE WILL REQUIRE FIRMWARE V1.71 or greater for the scaling features and ENHANCED DTCs detection to work!  V1.70 or later is required to connect to iOS 10 devices
    • iOS 9.3.5 and older devices will work fine with either the older V1.69-V1.70 or new V1.71 firmware
    • PLEASE SEE Updating the Gateway Firmware for tutorials on how to update your gateway to the latest firmware.
  • Capability to upload user defined backgrounds!  Just go to CONFIG > CHANGE COLORS AND BACKGROUND > BACKGROUND (CHANGE IMAGE) … this will bring up a “grid” of the preloaded backgrounds AND three user customizable slots for your own images (marked with a Camera Icon at the bottom of the grid).  You can load the images either from your PHOTOS or your CAMERA ROLL.
  • Extensive rework to support enhanced DTC detection to get more manufacturer specific DTCs (not just emissions related DTCs)
  • HUNDREDS of new DTC definitions added and/or updated
  • Additional DTC Clear functionality to clear any special module DTCs
  • Dynamic graphics for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


  • Fixed a problem where the AUDIBLE ALERTS always defaulted to ON.
  • Fixed the Commanded Eq/Ratio (which affects Commanded AFR) scaling on certain vehicles so it reads correctly
  • Fixed the MAP (which affects some GM boost readings) scaling on certain vehicles so it reads correctly
  • Fixed O2 sensor scaling for vehicles with > 2 cylinder banks
  • Fixed Anti-Jitter settings on some A/D screens (would always we be HIGH, despite user selection)
  • Fixed occasional bluetooth crash when retrieving LOTS of DTCs at one time.
  • Fixed occasional problems with audio when audible alerts are enabled
  • Clean up, optimizations and bug fixes for iOS10


  • Foundation for upcoming V2.0 replacement for the line charts (and new functionality for “heartbeat” chart in realtime data mode) was added
  • See the “CHEAT SHEET” for a quick refresher on DashBoss features