v1.8 now available on iTunes!

Splash Screen V1.8

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Version 1.8 of Dashboss was published on iTunes last night (2/10/13).  Lots of new parameters and features, including:

  • New parameters for PowerStroke Diesels such as new ICP parameters, Glow Plug parameters, commanded fuel mass, and better exhaust backpressure units
  • New parameters for some GM vehicles with Active Fuel Management (AFM) to give solenoid statuses and errors
  • New parameter picker feature with REALTIME SEARCH … start typing the parameter name it will give you choices as you type.  Also, parameters are grouped into categories to help break up the LONG list of parameters available in some vehicles (which makes it hard to find things!)
  • Better vehicle detection and parameter saving to help with reconnection after key up
  • Corrected atmospheric boost readings (like a gauge) for 6.7 Ford PowerStrokes
  • Corrected REGEN status for 6.7 Dodge diesels
  • Tire size correction wizard improved to include “revolutions/mile” settings

Be sure to use v1.63 firmware (available in the SUPPORT section of the website)