Problems Authenticating (one blinking blue light) after iOS7 upgrade

We’ve had a couple of people call with problems getting the DashBoss gateway to authenticate (two solid blue LEDs) after they upgraded to iOS7.  This is a just a couple of people, so not sure what the deal is?  Anyway, here’s what we suggest to clear the problem:

  1. UPDATE the gateway firmware to the latest version (1.69) … go here for the VIDEO Tutorials for your desktop operating system (Windows or MacOSX).  Be sure to uplug the gateway from the OBD2 port before doing the update!  If the gateway is plugged into the vehicle it will not allow you to update.
  2. UPDATE your DashBoss App on the iOS device to the latest version (v1.94) from the APPLE APP STORE.
  3. Power your iOS device COMPLETELY down.  Hold the sleep button until you get the swipe dialog to power it off.
  4. Power the iOS device up
  5. Go to SETTINGS
  6. Go to BLUETOOTH
  7. TAP the “I” next to DASHBOSS in the device list
  9. Go back to BLUETOOTH and now it should show DASHBOSS as “Not Paired”

… now go through the Pairing and connection process just like it’s a “fresh” installation.  It should pair back up and connect with TWO SOLID BLUE LEDS (after a period of them blinking), and when you open the App it should take 10-45 seconds to rescan the vehicle and then CONNECT.