Version v1.99 In Review at the App Store

Version V1.99 was submitted to the App Store 9/18/2014 and is “In Review” at the Apple App Store as of 9/25/2014!  This usually means it will be released to the App Store within 24-48 hours…

This version has a lot of new features and some fixes (mainly for iOS8 and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).  For list of V1.99 contents, CLICK HERE … you can also access this when you get V1.99 and within the DashBoss App, tap the “I” in the lower right hand corner of the HOME SCREEN.

V1.99 Submitted to App Store

V1.99 has been submitted for approval at the App Store.  Look for it to be available 9/20-9/24 (depending on the approval process).


  • Bug fix for the SCT tuner VINs containing non-alphanumeric chars (like “!”)NEW FEATURES
  • Changes to accomodate iOS8 and the screen layouts for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Reworked graphic features to dynamically size/place in different devices from iPhone 4s to latest iPhone 6


  • “Sticky Alert” Feature added … after an alert is sounded, a highlight box around the parameter that triggered it appears and stays for about a minute before fading away to give you a chance to see the alert if it’s on a different gauge screen than you’re viewing or if it was very momentary and you weren’t logging
  • GM Vehicles with custom E85 Operating Systems now shows Alcohol %
  • Ford PowerStroke A/C status switches
  • Diesel MPG added for PowerStroke
  • New Gauge face colors/themes added
  • New parameters for EcoBoost engines
  • Ford PowerStroke MAF Voltage added
  • GM Cylinder Air Mass added
  • DuraMax LML boost added

Neat stuff being tested!

Gears_clip_art_hightThere are several things being tested in the latest Beta release!

The great Beta testers we work with are all pounding away on several new things for v1.99. These include:

  • Alcohol % for GM vehicles who have custom FlexFuel OSes flashed on them
  • Ford AC pressure and status switches
  • “Sticky Alerts” … when an Alert triggers, it’s sometimes hard to see what is alerting if it’s off the screen or something intermittent or momentary. To help with that, we’ve come up with a way to outline the alerted value on the screen and it “hangs around” for about a minute after the alert has cleared so you have time to see it. It then “ages” out and turns off after that minute.
  • Multiple vehicle settings being “remembered”. The idea that’s being tested is that each vehicle that DashBoss connects to can have it’s own set of “preferences” … backgrounds, colors, parameters, etc. are all tied to that vehicle that you are connected to (via the VIN).
  • Several other new parameters for GM and Ford, including working on DMax LML boost
  • Help system is simplified to mainly graphic “overlays” when you start the app the first few times. After that, the “I” button will either splash up the overlay again OR it’ll point at a dynamically updated webpage on our site that can help. That cuts down on some of the “bloat” for a bunch of text that nobody reads anyway! 🙂
  • Lots of little tweaks and stability fixes

V1.97 now available on the App Store!

Version 1.97 is now available on the App Store.  This release includes a corrected MAF Voltage parameter for Fords, several small bug fixes, and expanded VIN recognition for Saab 9-7x and Saab Aero 9-7x. Watch for v1.98 in the coming weeks to add some EcoBoost specific parameters for Fords.

Small update to EGT settings

Based on some new documentation and field testing (thanks folks for the input!) … the EGT Kits ** should use some slightly tweaked settings for better overall accuracy (they should be pretty close with the old settings, but this will help improve that).


** OUR AMP AND PROBE ARE THE ONLY ONES WE CAN REALLY SPEAK TO .. the settings should be GENERALLY correct for other probes, but if you are using a “roll your own” Amp or eBay amp, it could vary based on the gain, offset and gain error of the amp you use.

V1.97 Submitted to Apple for review

Version 1.97 has been submitted for review by Apple and will probably be posted in the next few days (3/20). This release includes the updated Ford MAF Voltage, includes the Saab 9-7x and Saab Aero 9-7x as supported vehicles, and includes the “fat binary” in the package that optimizes for the 64 bit processor on the iPhone 5S.

NOTE: As a new requirement from Apple, to support the optimized iPhone 5S and latest iPad Air the lowest support iOS version is now iOS 5.1.1.

If your Ford fuel pressure adapter leaks …

It turns out there were a batch of the Ford fuel pressure adapter fittings that had the wrong O ring installed by the manufacturer (it’s for the DuraMax and slightly thinner).  As a result, you may see a slight leak at the fitting and you can’t tighten it any more because the fitting bottoms out in the pump pressure port.

I have received revised/proper O rings from the manufacturer and if you need one let us know at SEND MAIL and we’ll mail one out to you.  It should be a relatively small number of fittings, but if you haven’t already swapped out the O ring, we can send you one for free.