iOS7 is coming! We are testing against it right now!

OK, first the bad news … the current 1.92 build of the App has problems with iOS7 and the way some of the interface lays out.  The biggest thing is you see SCRAMBLED PID categories and PID names in the picker and the gauges screens.  Not good..


We have it fixed and ready for release as soon as iOS7 rolls out.  The only drawback is that we can’t submit the fix until iOS7 is official and they allow us to submit with the latest development tools release.  This means there will be a couple of days where iOS7 will be out and if you upgrade, your DashBoss will be hosed.  We plan to submit the moment they allow it, and it usually takes 1-4 days for Apple to test, approve and post to the App Store.

Alternatively, we’re looking to see if we can slip the fixes into an interim v1.93 build with the older development tools and submit it, but that’s looking like it won’t be possible. However, we’re trying!