Runs: Eighth Mile & Quarter Mile

Make a run and sort out many important factors in your vehicle’s acceleration such as:


Are those new tires sticky enough? Is the suspension “planting” the tires? Is there the proper amount of air in the tires for traction? How do those new stiffer bushings affect the launch?

Launch technique

What RPM is optimum to leave at? When is the right time to “flash” the converter? Does the car react better to preloading the suspension (i.e. “power braking”) or does it leave better when letting the drivetrain take up the slack? Does it “hit” the tires too soft?

Shift Points

What results in the best E.T.s? 
What RPM shifts affect my time the most? 
Trap speed?


Trap speed is directly porportional to horsepower. The Quarter mile run emphasizes the higher RPM/higher speed aspects of the performance. Use your 1/8 mile trap speed, 1000ft time and trap speed to gauge top gear power.

Making the Run!

iPhone Screens
Test your vehicle’s acceleration without taking your eyes off the road!

These performance measurements are as easy as


  1. Tap “START” whenever it is safe to do so.
  2. Bring the Vehicle to a COMPLETE stop. Watch for the colorful and easy to see stoplight graphic that indicates everything is ready.
  3. Accelerate when safe and let off when you see the stoplight graphic that indicates you have reached 60 mph

It’s just that easy!

For a complete demonstration, watch the video HERE …

Weather Corrected Results

Weather Results