Customizable Alerts

Set your Alerts for ANY parameter and let Dashboss do the work!

When operating a vehicle we all know how important it is to have your primary focus on OPERATING the vehicle! Not fiddling with buttons and screens …

With that in mind, we have carefully factored in things like the “finger swipe” and “tap” gestures into the DasbBoss design. The ALERTS feature continues this careful thought process.
  • Every parameter can be monitored automatically by DashBoss™ FOR YOU and alert you if it becomes out of your defined “comfort zone”.
  • Set upper and lower bounds for proper parameter operation (such as coolant temperatures, transmission temperatures, voltage limits, etc.)
  • Each Alert can have up to THREE distinct warning levels (yellow, orange, and red) to all you to be alerted LONG before a problem develops!
  • Easy to use GREATER THAN, LESS THAN, EQUAL TO logic makes setting up ALERTs a breeze without compromising the powerful flexibility of the feature.
  • ALERTS will light the “ALERT LIGHT” AND will flash the gauge background color for the monitored parameter that triggered the ALERT.

Learn more from watching the video HERE …