Blizzard of 2016!

Our engineering offices are in Fort Collins, Colorado and we had a heckuva Spring Blizzard March 23, 2016.  We had massive snowfall all up and down the Front Range from Colorado Springs all the way up into Wyoming dumping 12-24″ of wet heavy snow along with wind gusts up to 59 MPH!  This was on top of the freezing rain we had before the snow fall.

Denver International Airport was completely shut down due to the unsafe conditions to even GET to the airport, let alone fly.

As a result, power and internet service has been very spotty the last two days and we expect it may continue through the weekend.  In addition, USPS mail, UPS and FedEx service has been suspended or severely impacted by the weather.

We appreciate your patience as things get untangled and back to normal!


Sorry for the website outage 11.7-11.9.2015!!!

Looks like some sort of auto-update happened Friday night and it twisted the website up. We apologize for that!

It looks like we got it corrected this morning 11.9.2015 and things should be up and running again. Thanks to the people who called and emailed … unfortunately, we had to call our website hosting service on Monday to resolve it, but it’s looking like we got it fixed.

If you see anything amiss, be sure to let us know at Thanks again!

New website is LIVE

We hope you like the new website look! We have made it much easier to find information and “cleaner” as well as easier to update behind the scenes.

Welcome to the NEW Web Site!

We’ve revamped the web site to hopefully make for a cleaner and easier to navigate site.  Take a look around and feel free to leave us some comments!