V1.97 Submitted to Apple for review

Version 1.97 has been submitted for review by Apple and will probably be posted in the next few days (3/20). This release includes the updated Ford MAF Voltage, includes the Saab 9-7x and Saab Aero 9-7x as supported vehicles, and includes the “fat binary” in the package that optimizes for the 64 bit processor on the iPhone 5S.

NOTE: As a new requirement from Apple, to support the optimized iPhone 5S and latest iPad Air the lowest support iOS version is now iOS 5.1.1.

If your Ford fuel pressure adapter leaks …

It turns out there were a batch of the Ford fuel pressure adapter fittings that had the wrong O ring installed by the manufacturer (it’s for the DuraMax and slightly thinner).  As a result, you may see a slight leak at the fitting and you can’t tighten it any more because the fitting bottoms out in the pump pressure port.

I have received revised/proper O rings from the manufacturer and if you need one let us know at SEND MAIL and we’ll mail one out to you.  It should be a relatively small number of fittings, but if you haven’t already swapped out the O ring, we can send you one for free.


Pressure Transducer NOW STAINLESS STEEL

Pressure TransducerWe’ve been able to find a new source for the 0-100 PSI Pressure Transducers (CLICK HERE TO SEE)!

The new ones have the same weatherproof connectors and such, but the body is now STAINLESS STEEL (vs. the older brass style).  Makes it harder to round off the sensor on installation/removal.  Same price, same accuracy and same wiring, just an improved body.

Happy New Year! V1.96

I hope that 2014 is a GREAT year for everyone!  We’ve just release 1.96 to the App Store with some updates to some of the external parameter thresholds and a few bug fixes.  Check it out!