SEMA was great, as always! See pics …

SEMA was overwhelming and it’s almost inhumanly possible to see everything and talk to everyone you want to, BUT I managed to snap some quick pictures …

I noticed some trends this year:

  • Attendance was up.  The show was packed!
  • Non-metallic paint was “cool”.  Lots of grays, blues, and cream/off-white with lots of gloss (not matte).
  • Crate motors were all over the place:
    • Modern crate Hemis in old Mopars
    • Ford Coyote 5.0s in old Fords (lots of Mustangs)
    • GM LSx motors in EVERYTHING … it was definitely the “go to” motor for restorods
  • Lots more Chinese presence in the main displays (as opposed to over in the Apex supplier show)
  • Turbos, turbos, turbos
  • Diesel stuff was sort of  “toned down” this year … less new and innovative stuff than previous years (I’m wondering if it’s partly due to the EPA crackdown and difficulty with the newer emissions systems)
  • Some neat Marine stuff (drives and engines)

… take a look at the pics!