Neat stuff being tested!

Gears_clip_art_hightThere are several things being tested in the latest Beta release!

The great Beta testers we work with are all pounding away on several new things for v1.99. These include:

  • Alcohol % for GM vehicles who have custom FlexFuel OSes flashed on them
  • Ford AC pressure and status switches
  • “Sticky Alerts” … when an Alert triggers, it’s sometimes hard to see what is alerting if it’s off the screen or something intermittent or momentary. To help with that, we’ve come up with a way to outline the alerted value on the screen and it “hangs around” for about a minute after the alert has cleared so you have time to see it. It then “ages” out and turns off after that minute.
  • Multiple vehicle settings being “remembered”. The idea that’s being tested is that each vehicle that DashBoss connects to can have it’s own set of “preferences” … backgrounds, colors, parameters, etc. are all tied to that vehicle that you are connected to (via the VIN).
  • Several other new parameters for GM and Ford, including working on DMax LML boost
  • Help system is simplified to mainly graphic “overlays” when you start the app the first few times. After that, the “I” button will either splash up the overlay again OR it’ll point at a dynamically updated webpage on our site that can help. That cuts down on some of the “bloat” for a bunch of text that nobody reads anyway! 🙂
  • Lots of little tweaks and stability fixes