A little history …

This is an excerpt from an interview for an upcoming article in a performance magazine …

What prompted you to develop this product?

We saw a need for a portable, wireless and reliable performance monitor and scanner system. The Apple iOS products were just getting off the ground and we took the “path not followed” and decided to go through the Apple certification process to do a full Bluetooth solution. This provided security, a solid connection, and the ability to auto connect (just like headphones or your in-car handsfree system) without having to fiddle with configuring and connecting the device all the time.
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New Products Added to Shopping Site

We have added a couple of neat little gadgets to the catalog … CLICK HERE to see them!

The Range module is a slick little device that enhances the Active Fuel Management (AFM) strategy in GM V8s to save fuel with a simple plug in device!  Installs in seconds!  CLICK HERE

The other product is a small weather-proof device that will pulse a motorcycle brake light upon braking to draw attention (and to avoid being skewered by the texting teen driving mom’s van full of other texting teens).  CLICK HERE

DashBoss is in stock! (No, really)

Due to a fat finger error when entering inventory numbers, the website mistakenly showed DashBoss kits as being “out of stock”. Ooooops! That has been fixed and we apologize for the error.

New website is LIVE

We hope you like the new website look! We have made it much easier to find information and “cleaner” as well as easier to update behind the scenes.